Liberte- Noor Inayat Khan, Learning Resources

These resources support the KS2 and KS3 History and English curriculum. They were developed with Godolphin Junior School in Slough. The KS2 and KS3 lesson overview gives suggestions on activities for 5-6 lessons on the life of Noor, considering her background, beliefs, music and literary work as well as her work as an agent in World War Two.

Each lesson has supporting activity sheets and PowerPoints with teachers’ notes and background information. In addition teachers can make use of the film and Noor’s trail on this website More resources and suggestions for places to visit are also given below.

Login to access free resources. A handling collection of objects may be loaned from, which may be used at the beginning of each module as a suitcase activity. Learners can be encouraged to consider each object and decide if the clues it provides gives them any facts about the owner of the suitcase, or if they can make any educated guesses about her, for example, where did she live, what did she like, what did she do? See ‘loan box’ in resources.


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